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Best of KBIS

The Best of KBIS 2019 Awards took place February 20th at KBIS 2019 on the KBISNeXT Stage. The kitchen and bath industry’s most prestigious honor, the Best of KBIS celebrates the most innovative new products of the year!


                                                                       D  X  V

                                                    3D Printed Faucet, DXV by American Standard

The Blade 3D printed faucet represents the next evolution of additive manufacturing in the plumbing product world. The faucet – and its associated lavatory – is designed to surprise and delight the user with a unique water experience. It is a pure expression of reduction in design, where the product takes second seat to the user’s experience of water. Blade is printed directly in stainless steel and is finished by hand to add that extra human touch that defines true luxury.


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